Thursday, September 29, 2022

Farmers Save the World in Disney’s Weird World Trailer

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Do you want to see unusual creatures? Lost relatives? Strong female characters? All this will be in the cartoon “Strange world” from the Disney studio. The first trailer has appeared on the Web, see Tlum.Ru.

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What’s there?

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We introduce the course of events, before the project was called “Clyde Seeker”. All this is strictly a family adventure for those who love animals and fantasize about the presence of unusual creatures on other planets. Lives in the light Searcher Clyde– An ordinary family farmer. He is the son of the grandiose explorer Jaeger, who once flew to the stars in search of adventure.

And everything would be fine, but one of the relatives lands on the hero’s field and calls to participate in the mission. Not just the Earth, but the whole world is in danger. Searcher takes his son Ethan – a boyak and a survivor – on board and goes higher and higher. They are waiting for unusual creatures, meeting with their father – or grandfather, it really depends on the heroes – and, of course, overcoming the differences that can be found in any family, for the common good.

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In foreign cinemas, “Strange World” will appear on November 23.

Source: Rambler

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