Thursday, September 29, 2022

‘The Crown’ is one of the top 3 viewers during mourning for Queen Elizabeth II

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The series “The Crown” entered the top three in terms of views during the mourning for Elizabeth IIAll over the world, interest in a film about the royal family has grown significantly.

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After the death of the British Queen Elizabeth II, the creators of the series “The Crown”riostopped filming process as a sign of mourning. However, the previously unseen project suddenly gained popularity, the number of viewers increased several times.

Viewers began not only to watch the latest episodes, but also to review serial events of bygone days. For example, the first season of The Crown jumped to third place on the Netflix top, gaining more than forty million views in a few days.

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Close to the first season, the second season also got close, gaining sixteen million views and located in seventh place in the rating. Previously, neither the first nor the second season was even in the top twenty in terms of views.

Source: Rambler

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