James Cameron Reveals How Titanic Helped Avatar


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Director James Cameron spoke about what he had to face in the production of “Avatar” in 2009.

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In an interview with The New York Times, he recalled that 20th Century Fox tried to shorten the film because the final part was too long.

Then James Cameron reminded the studio of how much his movie Titanic had at the box office. He noted that the new building that houses 20th Century Fox was built with half a billion dollars from the drama’s box office.

“Titanic paid for it, so I can realize my plan,” said the director.

After the release of Avatar, it became the highest-grossing film in history, earning $2.847 billion.

Before that, the Titanic was the most profitable. Now he is in the top three with fees of 2.201 billion dollars.

James Cameron previously reported that work on “Avatar 4” has already begun. At the same time, filming of the third part continues, and the second is at the stage of post-production.

Avatar: The Way of Water will hit theaters on December 14th.

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