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Russian series that are worth your attention

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Thanks to the active development of streaming services, American series have become part of our daily lives, but now that most of them have become officially unavailable, you should not be very upset, as the production of Russian series is only gaining momentum. Rambler has collected the top worthy domestic series that are unlikely to disappoint you.

A photo: Shot from the series “Trigger”Shot from the series “Trigger”


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The detective series, starring Konstantin Khabensky and Paulina Andreeva, launched on screens in 2015. So far, two seasons have been released.

The plot tells the story of the investigator Rodion Meglin, who is used to working exclusively alone. Meglin always manages to solve the most intricate and terrible cases, relying on his secret method, which his intern, Yesenia, a graduate of the law faculty, really wants to master. Rodion, due to his special nature, cannot be happy with such a company, but this couple still has a lot to go through together. And Yesienie – to find out if Meglin himself is a maniac …


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The series starring Maxim Matveev, the first season was shown in 2018.

In the story, the life and career of a successful psychologist Artem Streletsky, who has many of his unresolved problems. Artyom’s main tools in psychotherapy are ridicule, insults, shock therapy and taking the client out of his comfort zone by any means. However, although his method has almost no fans, it all really works effectively. And his career is growing, until at one moment a tragedy occurs, for which Artem will have to answer.

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By 2022, two seasons of the series have been released.


A series that tells about the lives of women and men who cheat on each other. The main character Dasha (Glafira Tarkhanova) is visited by her childhood friend Asya (Elena Lyadova) and admires how her friend skillfully maneuvers between her husband and three other lovers. Asya wants the same life, but she is actually not as “sweet” as it seems at first glance.

The series was released in 2015, season 1.

Source: Rambler

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