Is Jean-Luc Godard anti-Semitic?Why Gérard Darmont Criticizes Filmmakers


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“I can’t respect Jean-Luc Godard for hating Jews so much,” actor Gérard Darmont said on the set of the show “C à vous” broadcast on France 5 on Wednesday, September 14. Asked about directors who died at age. midi dispatch make a point.

“His comments were absolutely unacceptable.・I argued with Lemoyne.

Pro-Palestinian stance

This isn’t the first time Jean-Luc Godard has been picked for controversial opinions.On several occasions, the director has been accused of being anti-Semitic, especially considering his position with the Palestinian people, and may have fostered a certain hatred of Israel. release, Many controversial statements have ruined the careers of new wave pioneers.

“The Palestinian suicide bombings to bring about a Palestinian state is the result of the Jewish people being driven like sheep, exterminated in gas chambers, and sacrificing themselves to bring about the existence of the State of Israel. Ultimately similar,” declared Godard.Former Editor-in-Chief Jean Narboni cinema notebookA comment by Alain Fleischer in his book Response from the Silent to the Speaking.

some “slips”

Throughout his life, Godard is said to have accumulated what director François Truffaut described as a “gap”. Truffaut, in particular, would have seen Godard call French producer Pierre Braunberger a “dirty Jew.”

Some of these works have been criticized for this same subject. This is the case with the film Notre Music, which Belgian director Chantal Ackermann deemed “obscene and anti-Semitic”, and the pro-Palestinian documentary Ici et Ailleurs, made in 1976. The Holocaust was deliberately killed so that Israel would recognize him three years later. And I think it’s a shame to think that there are people who cling to these words, ”Gerard he Darmon declared of this film in particular.

Jean-Luc Godard, in his 91 years of life, has never answered these accusations. “I don’t want to add words to words,” he told Swiss television.

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