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The viewer is offered four series of different genres to choose from: a situational comedy, a melodrama with a humorous bias, a detective tape and a spy series from the life of FBI agents. These are legendary multi-part films that are watched with pleasure and reviewed more than once. Join the fans of cult series.

A photo: Frame from the series “The Big Bang Theory”Frame from the series “The Big Bang Theory”

“The Big Bang Theory”

In The Big Bang Theory, two geniuses in the field of physical sciences, two young guys Leonard and Sheldon are able to realize any unattainable idea that other scientists refuse. But in everyday life they behave like blind kittens. It is not easy for them to communicate with other people, and it is especially difficult to establish relationships with representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. But in addition to scientific tasks, talented physicists still have to solve everyday problems. And such out-of-this-world individuals necessarily find themselves in curious situations, sometimes tragic, but at the same time incredibly funny. Friends-scientists are trying with all their might to establish a personal life. Whether they manage to find love will become known to viewers who have watched this fun series.

“Desperate Housewives”

The scene of the series “Desperate Housewives” is the American town of Fairview, invented by the writers, with exemplary families. Suddenly, one of the residents, Mary Alice Young, committed suicide, and her four housewife friends began to find out what caused this act. The spirit of Yang follows their lives, problems, secrets, a desperate search for personal happiness, and the viewer through the eyes of Mary Alice observes the events taking place in the town. And girlfriends are far from perfect and hide something, although others do not notice it. The series shows situations that are close, understandable and familiar to the audience, and family problems are revealed in an ironic manner. The creators lift the curtain on a beautiful married life and show it without any embellishment.

“Doctor Harrow”

The hero of the series is Daniel Harrow, a medical examiner who works at the Institute of Forensic Medicine. Enviable observation helps him to notice the details missed by colleagues. Thanks to his conclusions about the causes of death of the victim, the police unravel the most complex crimes. But a brilliant pathologist also has negative qualities: he climbs into the affairs of detectives, begins his own investigations and is able to break any rules in order to achieve success in his work. In addition, he has a skeleton in the closet. A dark secret becomes a threat to Daniel himself and his family, although he divorced his wife a long time ago. Will Harrow reveal his secret, the viewer will find out by watching the series, the episodes of which keep in suspense until the final frames.

“Quantico Base”

The events of the series take place in the FBI training center in the city of Quantico. The base gathers interns – talented students. The company is very diverse: a gay Israeli, a Muslim girl who hides her religious preferences, the son of an oligarch and other young people with their own problems and secrets. The course of study has not yet been completed, as a terrible tragedy happens – the largest terrorist attack, comparable to the disaster of September 11th. When clarifying the circumstances of the event, the investigators come to the conclusion that one of the recruit agents was a participant in the preparation of the attack. Intertwining the past of students and the present, the scriptwriters show the viewer a detective and investigative show.

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