How much petrol and diesel will increase from December 1: Decree announced


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was It was published Article 179 of the Official Gazette Act n. November 23, 2022 contains new provisions launched by the government “on excise duty on certain fuels”. From December 1st, the petrol and diesel “discount” introduced by former executives to deal with price increases will be reduced from 30.5 cents to 18.3 cents (including VAT), for a net price of 12.2 cents per liter of fuel. increase. .

What does the law stipulate?

In detail, the decree stipulates that the excise tax on gasoline will be increased from the current 478.4 euros per 1000 liters to 578.4 euros per 1000 liters, with an increase of 100 euros per 1000 liters, or 10 cents per liter. On top of these 10 cents, we need to add VAT equal to 22%. So for motorists, the increase is 12.2 cents per liter, obviously minus the change in tax rate decided by the companies operating on the network.

As far as diesel is concerned, the excise tax will be raised from €367.4 to €467.4, but the story is the same: the increase in people filling up will be 12.2 cents. For LPG, the cost of excise duty goes from €182.61 to €216.67 per 1,000 kg, an increase of €34.06, or about 3.4 cents per liter (excluding VAT).

The government has already clarified that excise tax cuts will not affect carriers who “can expect other preferential schemes”. This is a sensible measure to avoid new price increases for consumers.

Management’s decision was clearly a tough decision that drew a lot of criticism from the majority. However, it is true that the excise tax discount that Draghi launched last March has already cost €5.1 billion, according to data updated on November 18. Therefore, this is a measure that will have a significant impact on the country’s coffers and benefit all income groups (which otherwise could not be the case).

Source: Today

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