Company imposes smart working style on Friday, employees go on strike


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A one-hour strike against Tenova employees working in the metallurgical sector in Castellanza, province of Varese. Employees folded their arms to protest the company’s decision to introduce Working Smart on Friday.

The protests are caused by UILM and are more about method than content. A few months ago we signed a supplementary agreement with the company on smartworking,” said Fabio De Rosa, trade unionist at UILM. pointed out Mr. In summary? blasphemy.

Smart working is concerned with office workers, not with production workers (who, in any case, participated in the protests, including those at the Genova factory). “Workers who want to work in a company on Fridays are now unable to do so, and all workers say they want to work smarter because of work-life balance. Not that day, this decision might cause problems for some people.

The company’s decision to establish a 5-day smart working has an energy-saving reason. Less office staff means less heating and more savings. “At this historic moment, we recognize that energy issues are a priority – de Rosa concluded -. I would like to point out that in our offices and departments we work in temperatures that fluctuate between 17 and 18 degrees Celsius.”

Source: Today

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