Tarbes: Sales of wood-burning stoves jump 40% in Campistro


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“I haven’t seen anything like this since I started this business 20 years ago.” Hmm. In line with national trends, sales of wood-burning stoves at Campistro jumped 40% compared to last year. “Buyers want to be independent when it comes to heating.

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“I’m crazy because it’s raining”

It is the first time in 20 years that customers have taken early action since May in the wake of media announcements about the war and energy crisis in Ukraine. In 2022, I worked as much during the pre-season (May, June and July) as during the high season which normally spans September, October and November. However, it’s raining and it’s getting cold, so it’s dangerous. We get called in by even more ‘last minute’ customers than in any other year: the store in Biarritz sells 80% of his fireplaces, ‘and the average budget far exceeds the budget for stoves. Mr. Grégory Schweitzer testifies about the project exceeding.

significantly longer delivery times

If you want to enjoy the gentle warmth of wood as a result of a sudden outage of wood heating, you’ll have to wait until January or February. On the one hand, “My installation team has a full schedule for the next two months,” he declares Grégory Schweitzer. On the other hand, manufacturers’ delivery times have lengthened irrevocably, two months for Belgium and France, six months for German suppliers, and the Rhine plus the timber market has increased tenfold to his I am literally overwhelmed by it. , because it is 90% dependent on Russian gas. Pellets are also on the rise, but Campistro is not as professional as his competitors, with sales of pellet stoves increasing by more than 60%. However, supply disruptions and high pellet prices should slow the market in the coming months. Campistro’s manager predicts that firewood’s popularity should persist, “from three years he five years, or even he ten years.” The sector will, in the long term, establish the Federation of Stove and Fireplace Installers (FIPC), an organization with the particular aim of creating a specialized training sector leading to diplomas and approvals from national bodies. I am trying to convert The timber industry still has a bright future.

Source: Ladepeche

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