Bars and restaurants don’t have to tear down their outdoor areas


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Almost all restrictions put in place due to the pandemic expire on September 30th. You will no longer have to wear his Ffp2 on buses, subways, trains and taxis, but also in hospitals and clinics. On October 31st, safety protocols at work will end, but Dehall’s deregulation will remain. In fact, the possibility of bars and restaurants creating outdoor platforms has been extended until the end of the year.

A new article on the draft entered into the CDM (“Additional clauses to support businesses”) will extend the application of the clauses decided in 2020 on covid until 31 December, “unless canceled by interested parties” Extend. Work on roads, squares, roads and empty spaces with detachable structures such as deholes, furniture elements, equipment, platforms, tables, chairs, umbrellas.


Applause from Fipe-Confcommercio for the decision: “In line with the interpersonal distancing measures of the simplification of occupation of public lands by bars and restaurants introduced in full Covid in 2020, valid until that date, 31 December 2022 date, which will allow businesses to better respond in a time that promises to be significant both for significant increases in costs, especially energy, and for the expected slowdown in the economy. This measure has been particularly well received by citizens and has made it possible to revitalize the city.”

However, the decision has sparked protests from several groups, such as Codacons, which has issued complaints and appeals, denouncing “civil abuse”. “We are ridiculous – attacking President Carlo Rienzi – the situation of the Covid emergency that allowed bars and restaurants to occupy public lands with barbarous encroachments of platforms and tables no longer exists, but The government wants to extend the measures it has. Dehors, parasols, platforms, tables and chairs installed in streets and squares deprive public space of structures placed by bars and restaurants. The city’s decoration and tourism spoil the image of our city in the eyes of foreign tourists”. If confirmed, Codacons accuses the government of abuse of public duty and stands ready to appeal to the courts to prevent the absurd action.

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