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Toulouse: At the Francazar Air Conference, the Patrouille de France leader is in his skies

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From Thursday noon to Sunday evening, Laurent Pina is in a familiar place. The famous Patrouille de France leader hails from Toulouse and returns to Toulouse frequently. maintenance.

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Fly over Toulouse for 4 days. What effect does it have on you?

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Full of special feeling. Measure the road you’ve traveled since childhood. On Thursday we flew over two iconic locations, including CNES and the Capitol for the establishment of Space Command. And he was based in Francazal for 3 days. So I got the virus when I saw Transalls at old base 101. .

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what is your background?

As a child, I lived in Labarte-sur-Laze and then came to Toulouse. At the Toulouse Conservatoire and the Michelet University, I played saxophone and piano during flexible hours, a sort of ‘study of music’. I was able to become a professional musician.

But you also loved aviation…

Yes, it was a double passion. I loved her 7 year old first time on a plane. It was provided by my mother’s company. It was a revelation. And other flights confirmed it. continued. I started flying when he was 12 years old at Müllererm airfield with the wonderful instructor Thierry Tenegin. I was too small to participate in the pedals or controls. At the age of 14, I got my Aviation Introductory Certificate. On my fifteenth birthday, which is the age limit, I was let go alone. The second returned to Aragon High School in Muret. I got my pilot’s license at the age of 17. Before I got my high school diploma, before I got my driver’s license. I set the course to 16. I was doing math classes, math practice, and working hard to get into Air Force student school, so I slowed down the music out of necessity. It was a school shock! But my ear for music is still…

Was it your dream to become a Patrouille de France pilot?

Yes, as a child, I remember exactly the moment spent with the pilot after the meeting. But Patrol is the enchanting braces in our lives from 2 to 4 years old. Before we go on patrol, we are combat pilots first and foremost. I have ridden the Mirage F1 and the Rafale and will be back soon. We are a rough sample and represent this elite air force, brothers in arms, who, if necessary, defend French interests in the world, in Africa, in the Levant countries, or in the countries of the “East of Europe”.

What is your best memory?

Every flight is great. We represent aviation excellence and we represent this Toulouse region that I am proud of. The Patrouille de France is a symbol of a country beyond the reach of armies and men. We offer a part of the dream with demonstrations in France and abroad. French are patriots. Thrilling them strengthens their connection to the military.

Patrouille de France will turn 70 in 2023. What is the secret?

All pilots have a lot of experience and have great cohesion. From 2023 he has started integrating three newcomers. They climb into the cockpit with us and, for observation, are fully immersed in future missions. Before the summer season, which runs from May to October, there is a six-month preparation period at an almost monastic pace of two sports sessions a day and his two training flights. The goal is to be in top shape and have the perfect mental balance to support the tension throughout the season.

Does the program change each year?

One of the keys to success is renewal. We start with a clean slate and create a new form while preserving tradition and achievements. What hasn’t changed is the public’s gaze and expectations. With each flight, we are committed to excellence. It’s a job every second.

Last year, like here in Tarbes, Laurent Pina was fourth behind the leaders. No. 1./DDM photo, Andy Barrejot archives.

you live on the last flight. A little bitter?

No, the experience was great. This weekend in Toulouse, or next week in Isoire, it remains a flight. Give what you got, pass the baton. We are like companions on a mission, passing on knowledge. The men pass, and the Patrouille de France remains.

What will you do after Patrouille de France?

I am deputy commander of the Normandy-Niemen Regiment at Mont de Marsan and will be commander within a year or two. I continue to be a small plane and microlight instructor. And, of course, to be the manager of Muret’s Flying Club, which I will be returning to as soon as possible on weekends, especially in the fall and winter. I never left the community. I try to share my knowledge there.

What would you say to aviation pundits worried about the conference’s carbon footprint?

Fighter pilots, like top athletes, have to fly every day, whether it’s an Alpha Jet or a Rafale. This preparation is essential if you want to be effective in battle. The defense of France and the interests of the French cannot be questioned. We are a showcase for the Air Force and Space Force. We are looking for a lot. You can be a pilot until you’re 27. We try to keep people dedicated to defending our country. It’s our most beautiful mission. If you can communicate your passion, the bet is won. I love meeting the public after my demonstrations and chatting with children, their parents, or grandparents for a minute or two. A glance, a smile can leave a piece of eternity and follow the path. daily satisfaction.

Source: Ladepeche

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