Thursday, September 29, 2022

Occitania becomes Europe’s first organic region

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Occitania’s new medal! The European Commission has awarded the European Award for organic farming in the ‘Best Region’ category. The trophy was presented by Janusz Wojciechowski, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. Its aim is to reward regions of the European Union for actions taken for the development of organic agriculture. I have to say that Occitania’s organic numbers have increased significantly over the last few years. In the region he has 13,265 organic growers, an increase of 12.7%, bringing the total planted area to 608,285 ha (+9%) including areas under conversion. Another satisfaction for him is that Aquitaine, ranked her second region in France, has only 8,800 organic farmers and 360,000 hectares, making Occitanie stand out from the rest of France. is spreading What the European Commission wanted to reward was the impressive rise of organic in Occitania. In 10 years (2011-2021) the organic surface has tripled, from 200,000 hectares to 600,000 hours!

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Carol Delga: “Proud of the whole community!”

“Occitania has been recognized as the best region for organic farming in Europe. What a pride! This award honors the work done to implement a more sustainable agricultural model. There it is: one out of four organic farms in France is in Occitania.In 2016 we invested a total of €42 million. [sur le bio] Regional President Carol Delga replied:

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In Occitania, a large agricultural region, not only forage crops, but also cereals and oilseeds are the most developed areas of organic farming. With 57,000 hectares of land certified organically or converted, Occitanie is the French leader in this field. Gyor is the top Occitanie division with 116,561 hectares of organic and converted plantations.

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Source: Ladepeche

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