Bankinter has launched its first profiled pension plans or Premiumwith which it seeks to adapt the offer to the different types of investor and saver.

As reported by the bank, the objective of this new range is to reorder and simplify the offer of mixed pension plans, covering at the same time all the needs of current and potential clients who are thinking of supplementing their retirement.

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pension plans Premium replicate the investment fund model Premium of Bankinter and are born with five categories: defensive, conservative, moderate, dynamic and aggressive.

Thus, in the defensive Premium pension plan, designed for the investor with less appetite for equitiesthe weight of this in the assets, varies between a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 10%.

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For savers with a little more desire for the Stock Market, the conservative Premium plan can invest between 15% and 25% in company shares. For a somewhat riskier profile, the moderate Premium plan allocates between 25% and 50% to equities.

Lastly, for those investors who are more attracted to investing in stock assets, the Dynamic Premium plans (between 50% and 75% in equities) and the Aggressive Premium (from 75% to 100%).

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“This new range of pension plans reinforces and improves the product offering of Bankinter Seguros de Vida, a company owned by Bankinter and Mapfre, which manages a total €2.9 billion in pension plans and EPSV of Bankinter customers”, the bank highlighted in a statement.

The pension plans have a global geographic investment area and are multi-asset. In addition, they will comply with environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.