Friday, September 30, 2022

Who will receive the 150 euro bonus first

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In the aid decree approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on Friday 16 September, the Draghi government allocated around €3.2 billion for a bonus of €150. prices in recent months. The bonus in question will be offered to about 22 million Italians from November, from employees to retirees, from to domestic workers and caregivers. Those eligible to receive it have specific requirements. First, unlike the €200 bonus, the income limit will be reduced from his €35,000 to his €20,000.

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who will get it first? For employees whose November taxable salary was up to EUR 1,538, the allowance will automatically appear on their November payslip, provided they declare that they are not receiving other incompatible services. increase. Compensation is paid only once, cannot be transferred, seized or seized, and does not generate income for tax and social security purposes. Retirees will be automatically paid from INPS He in November. To obtain it, you must be a resident of Italy and have one or more pension treatment, pension or social allowance, pension or disability allowance, allowance for the blind, deaf and mute, and You must have ancillary pension treatment and personal income to qualify for Irpef. For 2021 he will not exceed €20,000, less donations.

Bonus and difference annuity: All increased from October

Domestic workers are already beneficiaries of a bonus of €200 and will receive an allowance of €150 directly from INPS in November without application and without cover. In addition, the social security agency will also pay 150 euros to the unemployed person who will receive her Naspi in November and in 2022 he will receive the 2021 agricultural unemployment benefit. Benefits are recognized at the time of application, as explained here. Must not be a holder of a €200 bonus, must not be enrolled in any other compulsory social security form and must not have an income of up to €20,000.

Instead, seasonal workers, casual workers, intermittent workers and workers enrolled in the Recreational Workers’ Pension Fund will need a cap of €20,000 and a claim of at least 50 days worked in 2021. Bonuses are automatically applied for seasonal tourism, spa, entertainment and sports that are already beneficiaries of covid benefits. Unless you are, you will receive your office allowance along with your November benefits.

For the self-employed, if they receive a gross income of up to €35,000 in 2021, the €200 government subsidy allowance (up to €35,000 income) is expected to increase by €150. 20,000 euros. However, the self-employed has not yet received his previous €200 bonus until the enforcement decree is published in the Official Gazette. The hypothetical date to start requesting this first bonus is Monday, September 26th.

Source: Today

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