Thursday, September 29, 2022

“Working 4 days a week increases productivity”

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Nearly 9 out of 10 companies that have experienced a four-day work week say they are willing to extend their new working hours beyond the probationary period. This comes from a survey of 70 UK companies participating in the experiment, choosing a ‘short’ week of 6 months. Just three months after the holidays began, 88% of participating companies said they were happy with their four-day workweek, and 86% said they wanted to keep it that way after the experiment ended.

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46% of participating companies said their productivity remained “almost at the same level”, 34% reported a “slight” improvement and 15% reported a “significant” improvement.

The activities that participated in the initiative specified newspaper Times, fish and chip restaurants, to large companies in industries such as IT, retail and construction.experiment started in June The project, which involved more than 3,300 workers, is facilitated by the nonprofit 4 Day Week Global, in collaboration with Autonomy think tanks and researchers from Boston College, Oxford University, and Cambridge University. He also joined the Four Days Week Movement, an organization that promotes a 32-hour work week with no pay cuts.

Kyle Lewis, co-director of the Autonomy think tank, said: The participating companies’ experiences “can support other organizations and industries looking to transition to a four-day workweek in the future,” he added.

Only Work 4 Days A Week, California Strives

“It wasn’t like a walk in the park at first,” said Niche Russell, managing director of Waterwise, which participated in the experiment. “It’s harder to adapt, but we’re much more organized now,” he added. We are already much more productive,” she concluded.

Source: Today

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